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Margaret Sinclair, wealthy and childless, traveling from Baton Rouge, LA to Houston, TX.

Chloe, a young and unwed mother, stranded outside of Baton Rouge, LA.

A psychic's uncanny prediction.

A young father who lives by his own rules.

A sheriff protecting his wayward son.

A crash. A witness. A baby.

The ending no one saw coming.

Cross Lanes, WV                                  1960's


On the day Gramps decides to build the World's Smallest Passenger Airplane, unless twelve-year-old Winsley Walker can prevent the unthinkable, lives are at stake. Maybe even her own.

Dallas, TX                                                    1963


In the midst of his own legal woes, young and poor Harley Hamilton has stumbled upon a secret of national importance. Will he tell it? If he does, will anyone believe him?

Moonbeam Winner

Gratis, GA                                               1950's


To this very day, the people of Gratis, Georgia, claim that their town has never been the same since twelve-year-old Bayou Brown appeared before the town judge back in 1957. 

Birdtown, KY                      "Only Yesterday"


Annabeth Tucker's life is already full-to-bursting with three younger brothers, soon to be four, when a strange critter is thrust upon her family. It doesn't take long for crowds to converge upon their small farm in the middle of nowhere. With the arrival of The Big Time Carnival, Annabeth is faced with the biggest decision she'll ever have to make.

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